pizza MRE

Military-Grade Pizza MRE

I’m a lover of The Sporkful podcast so you can imagine my excitement when my audio app served up a fresh new episode called “How

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freakonomics radio logo

Pizza Boxes on Freakonomics!

Freakonomics Radio is an outstanding podcast network with shows that examine the intersection of economics and culture. They have a great show called The Economics

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pizza pod party logo of an anthropomorphic pizza slice holding a martini

New Pizza Podcast Alert

Just over a year ago I posted a listeners’ guide to pizza podcasts. There are at least a half dozen and they all approach pizza

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overhead shot of people at an outdoor pizza festival

Pizza Festival Schedule

Pizza festivals are becoming a big deal! Just a few years ago they were scattered and disconnected but that’s all changing right before our eyes.

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a man with a beard standing with a short haired woman holding a book

In Memory of Don Magee

This past Sunday I was met with the greatest surprise while setting up my table for the Bus Tour at Keste. I saw someone standing

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