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It's a pizza party on wheels!

Let us customize a pizza tour specifically for your crew! Whether it's a birthday party, team building event, corporate outing, or just an excuse to get some friends together we've got you covered. Choose a tour with wine pairings, additional food/beverage, or stick to our standard pizza tour. All tours include pizza and transportation, plus guidance from one of our professional Pizza Nerds!

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Start the booking process by clicking the "Request A Tour" button so we can get all the information we need to get you on the schedule.

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We use limosine buses for all our private tours!

Private NYC Pizza Bus

Request Your Own Custom Tour

Our bus will pick you up from the Manhattan or Brooklyn location of your choice and take you on the pizza adventure of your dreams. You'll taste 4 completely different styles at 3-4 pizzerias. We can accommodate groups as small as 2 or as large as 32. Let us know if your group is larger than 32 and we'll figure out a way to split you into multiple tours.

Standard Bus Tour
Includes cheese pizza, soft drinks, transportation, and guidance to 3-4 pizzerias.
$1,995 for up to 16 people, $69 each additional person

Deluxe Bus Tour
Includes specialty pizza, wine pairings, transportation, and guidance to 3-4 pizzerias.
$2,795 for up to 16 people, $110 each additional person

Supreme Bus Tour
Includes specialty pizza, wine pairings, salad, antipasti, dessert, transportation, and guidance to 3-4 pizzerias.
$3,595 for up to 16 people, $140 each additional person

If you plan on using your own bus, just let us know in advance and we'll send you reduced pricing info!

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decorated bus interior

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Tour Details

We customize every tour! Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to make it happen. You’ll have the option to schedule a call with your guide to discuss your goals for the tour. Our guides are able to customize based on your requests!

We use fancy limousine buses for most of our private pizza tours. Groups smaller than 10 will probably use a Sprinter bus while groups between 10 and 30 will use a mini-coach. We may use our yellow school bus if the group size gets close to 30 people or if you request it.

Your guide does more than just escort you to pizzerias, they take you behind the scenes for complete explanations of each slice! We keep our fingers on the pulse of the pizza world by constantly visiting new spots both in NYC and beyond AND by participating in pizza industry events. We are literally professional pizza nerds.

To book a private your, start by clicking the “Request a Tour” button and fill out the form with any information you have. Don’t worry if your headcount changes or you decide to switch from a bus tour to a walking tour, we can make those changes before you confirm. By filling out the form, you’ll be giving us the information we need to get you confirmed as quickly as possible!

We’ll return 100% of your deposit if you cancel at least 30 days in advance, 50% of your deposit if you cancel at least 7 days in advance. You will lose your deposit if you cancel within 7 days of your tour.

Our main goal is to show you a great time. Just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019.

Scott took Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour to Brooklyn!

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Scott judged the First Annual Pizza-Off!

Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!

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The softening of a crust due to moisture. A casualty of transporting pizza in boxes but also found after Neapolitan pizza sits for over 5 minutes.


STEP 1: Click the “Request A Tour” button and fill out the form. We use this information to verify that we’re able to run your tour at the date and time you request.

STEP 2: We’ll get back to you within ~24 hours with details and availability. If you’re ok with our plan, just reply and we’ll send you a link to submit your deposit to confirm your tour. Check your junk folder if you don’t see a response from us within ~24 hours.

STEP 3: Confirm all the details on your Tour Details Sheet and click the link to submit your deposit via credit card. You may also mail a check, which avoids credit card fees.

STEP 4: You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a consultation call with your tour guide. You can use this time to discuss your goals for the tour and pizza preferences of your group.

STEP 5: Enjoy the tour! We’ll invoice you for your balance the next day.

For most groups, we use a fancy mini-coach bus. It has heat and air conditioning plus a sound system you can control via Bluetooth! For smaller groups, we use a Sprinter Van. 

YES! We can arrange for the bus to pick you up at a central location in Manhattan or Brooklyn. You can also have your group assemble at our first pizzeria of the day. If that’s the case, just let us know if you prefer to tour in Manhattan or Brooklyn and we’ll send you a meeting location that’s easy to get to.

For bus tours, you’re welcome to bring beverages aboard the bus for a $150 BYOB on the Bus fee. Wine and beer are fine, but no hard liquor please. We also have options to add wine pairings at each pizzeria on our private bus tours (DELUXE and SUPREME tours). If you’re planning to pour beverages into cups, those cups need to have lids. Drinks will have to stay on the bus when we go into the pizzerias. Please bring ID if you’re planning to purchase alcoholic beverage inside the pizzerias.

We don’t announce our itinerary in advance because we like to adapt to the group and often change our routing as we go. We route the tour based on your pickup location, group size, and whether or not you choose a tour with wine pairings or additional food. 

The earliest we can start a tour is usually 11:30am because most pizzerias aren’t open before that time. If you’re interested in starting earlier, just let us know and we’ll figure out if it’s possible on the day, time, group size, and tour style you choose.

The latest we can start a bus tour depends on the day and time. For weeknights, the earlier the better. A start time of 6:30pm or later puts a squeeze on the pizzerias we can visit, which is why we try to do bus pick-ups at 6pm or earlier. 

For Friday and Saturday tours, we don’t like to start after 4pm because the pizzerias tend to get nutty. We prefer not to get in the way of weekend night business at pizzerias.

No! We organize our tours to avoid long lines and cold slices. All pizzas are ordered based on their respective bake times, so we’re never waiting more than a few minutes for a fresh pie.

We sit down in each pizzeria, so you’ll be in there for 30-40 minutes. Beyond simply feeding you delicious pizza, your guide will also take you on a kitchen tour at most stops.

We try to minimize time spent on the bus, so pizzerias are roughly 10-15 minutes apart.

Between time spent in pizzerias and short drives in between, the average bus tour clocks in around 4 hours. You’ll be surprised how time flies when you’re visiting pizzerias! If that sounds like it’s too long for you, just let us know and we can trim it down. Don’t worry, we’ll still eat the same amount of pizza. There is no price difference for a shorter tour.

YES! When we stop at restaurant, we get a table. When we stop a slice shops, we stand up and eat the way nature intended.

Our tours usually end at the 4th pizzeria. We do this because guests on company outings usually head home right from the tour. If your group needs to be dropped off back where we picked you up, just let us know and we’ll add that stop to your route. There is an additional fee for this service.

Let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate your gluten free, vegan, vegetarian pizza buddy. We can’t guarantee we’ll have pizza for them at every single stop, but we’ll make sure they’re well fed. The cost of pizza for those with dietary restrictions is not included in your tour’s pricing so we’ll add those charges to your final invoice.

Absolutely! We call this a “Hop-On” tour because our guide hops on your vehicle. This is a great option if you’re coming into NYC from Long Island, Connecticut, or New Jersey or traveling with a school group. Pricing is different for these groups so just let us know if that’s your plan and we’ll send you the right info.

We’ve done tons of corporate outings and team-building events. Rather than sit for a long meal at a single restaurant, a pizza tour lets your colleagues, family, or friends mix and mingle at multiple pizzerias. Pizza is the ultimate conversation starter so you’ll learn more about your colleagues than you ever have before!

The majority of our tour guests are locals! This isn’t just a tour that takes you to pizzerias, it takes you INSIDE the pizza experience by educating your group about the history, science, and culture of pizza. Even if we visit a pizzeria you’ve already been to, you’ll see it from a completely new perspective. You don’t have to take our word for it, just check out our reviews and see for yourself!

Fridays and Saturdays get nutty at pizzerias so we try to stay out of their way on these busy nights. If you have a group over 8-10 people, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to schedule your tour on a Friday or Saturday night out of respect for the pizzerias.

Nope. We’re all about that pizza. 

We max out at 32 people per bus tour, but if you have a larger group we may be able to split you up into multiple simultaneous tours! Just let us know when you fill our the tour request form and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 


While you may certainly submit requests, we prefer to let the guide route your tour. The best move is to schedule a call with your guide once your tour is confirmed so you can explain your pizza hopes and pizza dreams. They’ll take you to the right mix of pizzerias, including some you wouldn’t have thought about!

Sure! Just let us know how much time you’ll need and we’ll schedule the bus to arrive early. There is a fee for this service.

Yes! Just let us know your pick-up locations in advance so we can schedule the bus and all the pizzerias appropriately. There is an additional fee for this service.

We only do pick-ups in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’re coming in from NJ, Long Island, Connecticut, etc it might be easier to charter your own bus and have our guide meet your group at the first pizzeria on your tour. Just let us know you want a “Hop-On” tour and we’ll send you lower pricing!

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