Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box

By Scott Wiener

Since the origins of to-go pizza, pizzerias and pizza chains have taken great pride in covering take-out boxes with captivating designs. They’ve also wrestled with the best way to manufacture a box that can keep a pizza both hot and stable.

Here the world’s expert on pizza boxes collects 100 weird and wild box designs and explores the curious history of the pizza box. Included are international designs, corporate designs, and dozens of quirky images produced by and for mom-and-pop pizzerias.

Where does all of this art come from? Scott Wiener has been collecting and cataloging pizza boxes for 10 years. In Viva La Pizza!—named after a popular box design—Wiener traces design trends over the past four decades and speaks to some of the world’s most prolific box designers. The result is a captivating look at pizza culture and a new way to look at one of the world’s favorite foods.


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"…delightful and informative."

—The New York Times

“…an intensely researched love song to [pizza boxes].”


“[This] fascinating book shows pizza boxes like you’ve never seen, emblazoned with artful images so original and unexpected they would be at home in a food museum.”

—The Sacramento Bee

“…an intensely researched love song to [pizza boxes].”


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Wall Street Journal, London Financial Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Business Insider, Fast Company, Flavorwire, The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Thrillist, Slate, WIRED and Gothamist.

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