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Explore NYC's pizza landscape with a specialty experience

This is perfect for pizza lovers who crave a specialized experience beyond the confines of our public tour schedule. Private tours are focused on your group for a next-level experience.

Join us in NYC for an in-person tour or treat your group to a live, interactive virtual pizza making class. We'll even ship you all the ingredients! Just fill out the request form below and we'll get back to you with details and availability as quickly as possible.

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In-Person Tours

Private Pizza Walk

Starting at $695

Our guide will meet you in a pizza-dense neighborhood (we'll select one based on your group size and tour time) and guide you through a selection of exemplary pizzerias. You'll learn pizza history, science, and culture as you taste your way through a customized route tuned to your group's schedule and needs. Meet the pizza makers, tour the kitchens, and get lost in the sauce. Max 16 guests.

people having fun on a pizza tour bus

private pizza bus

starting at $1,995

Let us curate a custom pizza adventure for your crew! We'll showcase 4 distinct styles over 4 hours. We can either pick you up in our slick limo bus or you can have your group meet up at our first pizzeria. Everybody gets a slice per stop and a Pocket Pizza Journal to keep track of tastings. Request details and rates via the button below. Max 32 guests.

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Bring Your Own Bus

Starting at $69 per person

If you're rolling around town in your own vehicle, we'll send a guide to hop aboard! You'll visit four amazing pizzerias over 4.5 hours. Pizza and soft drinks are included, plus everyone gets a Pocket Pizza Journal! Pricing starts at 16 guests but smaller groups are welcome. Perfect for summer camps, school groups, community trips, and pizza clubs. Please fill out the request form for details and rates.

Online Classes

grid view of a virtual home pizza making class with everyone holding up their pizzas

Pizza Making Class

Starting at $299 Per online session

Learn the tips and tricks for making great pizza at home with this interactive online lesson. We'll give you a list of all the ingredients and equipment you'll need, or we can ship all the ingredients directly to your home. Max 500 guests.

Pizza History Class

$299 Per online session

How did pizza transform from a peasant food in the streets of Southern Italy to a global phenomenon? Our Pizza Pro will separate fact from fiction with historical photos, documents, and stories of the planet’s most important pizza makers.

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Tour Details

All private tours include a slice at each stop, soft drinks, a Pocket Pizza Journal, and guidance from one of our Pro Pizza Nerds. DELUXE tours include wine pairings (or beer if appropriate) and SUPREME tours include salad + antipasti + dessert in addition to wine pairings. 

We’ll do our best to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. Just let us know in advance if possible so we can plan our route accordingly. While we can’t guarantee that every stop will have pizza options for guests with heavy restrictions, we can always allow you to order other dishes from the menu. Tour pricing includes standard pizzas, so we’ll add any additional food costs to your final invoice. 

Our instructors will help you and your team make the best pizza out of your home ovens. We use proven techniques that unlock the power of your kitchen and we do it in a super fun way. You can even choose to have ingredient kits sent to all your group members. We take care of it all!

Every tour we do is customized to the group. For private tours, we route the tour based on your group size, pickup location, tour date, and tour time. We can set up a call once you book your tour if you’d like to discuss pizza preferences, but we never announce our route in advance.

we’re kinda famous

(so we're told)

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019.

Scott took Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour to Brooklyn!

tonight show starrting \jimmy fallon red logo

Scott judged the First Annual Pizza-Off!

Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!

looking at a delicious new york pizza

Bermuda Triangle


Small mysterious triangular section of pizza left on a tray after a pizza has been sliced with less than 100% accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We can arrange for the bus to pick you up at a central location in Manhattan or Brooklyn. For weekend tours, we prefer to have the group meet at our first pizzeria, in which case we’ll end the tour with a drop-off at a Manhattan or Brooklyn location of your choosing.

For bus tours, you are welcome to bring beverages aboard the bus for a $150 BYOB on the Bus fee. We also have options to add wine pairings at each pizzeria on our private bus tours (DELUXE and SUPREME tours). Wine and beer are fine, but no hard liquor please. If you’re planning to pour beverages into cups, those cups need to have lids. Drinks will have to stay on the bus for most pizzeria stops. 

For walking tours, we do not have any options that include wine or beer pairings, but we can do our best to stop at pizzerias that have alcohol options if that’s your preference. You may add beverages along the way and we’ll add those costs to your final invoice.

No! We organize our tours to avoid long lines and cold slices. All pizzas are ordered based on their respective bake times, so we’re never waiting more than a few minutes for a fresh pie.

We’ve done tons of corporate outings and team-building events and the response has been incredible. Rather than sit for a long meal at a single restaurant, a pizza tour lets your colleagues, family, or friends mix and mingle at multiple pizzerias. Pizza is the ultimate conversation starter so you’ll learn more about your colleagues than you ever have before!

Our stops change every time. We route the tour based on your pickup location, group size, and whether or not you choose a tour with wine pairings or additional food. Our guides often adjust the route as they go, so every tour is customized. That’s why we don’t announce our itinerary in advance — it’s always in flux!

For most groups, we use a fancy mini-coach bus. It has heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. For smaller groups, we use a Sprinter Van. For larger groups, we may use a classic yellow school bus that has heat, air conditioning, and a rockin’ sound system!

Absolutely! Just let us know if you want a shorter tour and we’ll trim it down to suit your needs. Don’t worry, we’ll still eat the same amount of pizza.

We sit down in each pizzeria, so you’ll be in there for 30-40 minutes. Beyond simply feeding you delicious pizza, your guide will also take you on a kitchen tour at most stops. 

YES! When we stop at restaurant, we get a table. When we stop a slice shops, we stand up and eat the way nature intended.

We like touring in neighborhoods that are pizza-dense and pizza-diverse. That means we’re usually in the East Village, West Village, Downtown Brooklyn, or Williamsburg. We select the appropriate neighborhood based on group size, tour date, and tour time. Some neighborhoods work better than others at certain times of day. We’ll let you know exactly where to meet us a few days before your tour. 

While we don’t offer a walking tour that comes with alcohol pairings at each stop, we can do our best to route you to pizzerias with liquor licenses. You’ll be able to add alcoholic drinks along the way, which we can add to your final invoice. The reason we don’t offer a walking tour with alcoholic beverage pairings is that we can’t guarantee all stops within a walkable area have both excellent pizza AND worthy wine lists. With bus tours, we have much more flexibility.

If you’re doing a bus tour, we have options that come with wine pairings — our DELUXE and SUPREME tours.

We try to minimize time spent on the bus, so stops are roughly 10-15 minutes apart.

Walking tours max out at about 1 mile.

Let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate your gluten free, vegan, vegetarian pizza buddy. We can’t guarantee we’ll have pizza for them at every single stop, but we’ll make sure they’re well fed.

Our instructors are high-level food educators who specialize in pizza. Chef Ashley Mincey was featured on season 9 of “Master Chef” and SPT founder Scott Wiener won his episode of Hulu’s “Best In Dough.” Not only do they make great pizza, they show you how to have fun doing it!

To request a virtual pizza making class, just click here!

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  • STANDARD BUS TOUR includes pizza, soft drinks, and transportation for up to 32 guests
    ($1,995 for up to 16 guests, $69 each add'l)

    DELUXE BUS TOUR includes specialty pizza, wine pairings, and transportation for up to 32 guests
    ($2,795 for up to 16 guests, $110 each add'l)

    SUPREME BUS TOUR includes specialty pizzas, wine pairings, salad, appetizers, and dessert for up to 32 guests
    ($3,595 for up to 16 guests, $140 each add'l)

    Bring Your Own Vehicle Standard (4 pizzerias + soft drinks = $69 per person, 16 person min charge, 32 person maximum)
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    4 pizzerias + soft drinks = $69 per person (16 person min)

    4 pizzerias + topping upgrades + wine pairings + soft drinks = $119 per person (16 person min)

    4 pizzerias + topping upgrades + wine pairings + salad + antipasti + dessert + soft drinks = $149 per person (16 person min)
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