Pizza Box Display at Stretch Pizza

a gallery of pizza boxes from around the world

Check out this cool pizza box display at the newly opened Stretch Pizza in Manhattan. The mini-gallery consists of 19 boxes from my Guinness World Record collection of pizza boxes from around the world. My collection has over 1,800 pieced from 125+ different countries. You can read about the boxes, their artists, and the stories behind the images in my book Viva La Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box. This display features generic stock boxes, which means none of them are customized for a particular pizzeria. We decided on the theme as a way to keep the gallery cohesive but flexible enough to represent different points of origin.

Stretch Pizza

Stretch Pizza is the newest restaurant from Wylie Dufresne and Gadi Peleg (Breads Bakery). Dufresne is known for his inventive approach to cooking, but don’t expect test tubes and liquid nitrogen here. As a native New Yorker, he aims to present the classic New York style pizza with which he was raised. Chef Dufresne has spent considerable time learning the art of pizza making from his home and again with a pop-up at Breads Bakery near Union Square.

Besides pizza, the menu has some fun and funky small plates. I love the Chickpea Fries, Potato Chip Salad, and Meatball Sliders. On the pizza side, don’t miss the Ploughman or the seasonal Ramp Pizza.

The Gallery

The pizza box gallery was Chef Dufresne’s idea, which he envisioned as a mosaic near the restaurant’s entrance. He presented the idea to me and I immediately called my friend and frequent collaborator Steph Mantis. Steph whipped up some concepts for how to install the gallery and we executed it within a few short weeks. What you’ll see at Stretch Pizza is a magnetic backing with a wooden frame and plexiglass cover. The boxes are held in place with magnets that are strong enough to hold the boxes without damaging them.

Steph Mantis arranging the pizza box gallery at Stretch Pizza in March 2023

The pizza boxes in this display hail from France, Iraq, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and beyond. You can see a guide to the boxes in the Stretch Pizza gallery here.


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