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Walking Pizza Tours

A walk in New York isn’t complete without a Slice (or three)

Discover the humble origins of pizza as you taste your way through its evolution from humble street food to modern classic. Every tour includes a slice at each of three pizzeria stops PLUS your very own pocket pizza journal to help you keep track of your tasting notes!

Our tour stops change every day! Your guide will route your group based on what they think you'll like best. Take a look at the map below for each tour's meeting point; you'll hit three pizzerias within 1 mile of that location.

NYC restaurants now require proof of at least 1 COVID-19 vaccination dose for dine-in service. Please bring the relevant documentation plus ID for each member of your party or we’ll arrange for you to eat outside whenever possible.

3 Pizzerias

2.5 Hrs

1 Mi. Walking

$59 Per Person

5 Neighborhood Options

Greenwich Village

Fridays + Sundays
11:15 AM

From wood-fired brick ovens to corner slice shops, this tour tracks the evolution of pizza from its humble origins to modernization in America’s industrial cities.

Downtown Brooklyn

11:45 AM

We've chosen two Brooklyn neighborhoods that exhibit a degree of pizza diversity perfect for saucy exploration. You'll compare Neapolitan, NY style, and a hybrid of the two.

West Village

11:45 AM

From wood-fired brick ovens to corner slice shops, this tour tracks the evolution of pizza from its humble origins to modernization in America’s industrial cities.

East Village

4:30 PM

Explore the pizza-dense East Village and find out how a century of culinary evolution produced today's gastronomic galaxy. See century-old brick ovens and classic slice joints that will fill both belly and mind.

Original Crosstown

Mondays & Fridays
11:15 AM

Walk the path of New York pizza history on the streets of Little Italy and Greenwich Village where it all began. Compare coal-fired, wood-fired, and gas oven slice shops!

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Tour Meeting Points

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Tour Details

All walking tours follow the same pattern. You’ll visit three pizzerias that demonstrate different moments in the history of pizza, touring the kitchens and eating a slice at each stop. The big difference between the tours is their neighborhoods. If you’re looking to visit a particular pizzeria, choose the tours whose starting point is closest to it. 

All tours include a full slice at each pizzeria stop, kitchen tours, in-depth pizza analysis, and everybody gets a take-home Pocket Pizza Journal to help track their tastings.

All tours run rain or shine. Tour itineraries may change if weather becomes a problem but we will always run complete tours. Please remember to wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately, as we will be outside for most of the tour.

Tours have a limited capacity and often sell out. If you are planning to make reservations for several people, it’s a good idea to purchase tickets well in advance. We also run private tours if a public tour is unavailable at your preferred time. 

Children under the age of 4 are welcome to join us free of charge as long as you are willing to share your slices with them. Limit is one child under 4 per adult. All others must purchase a general ticket.

Our tour stops change every day! Your guide will route your group based on what they think the group will enjoy but we always try to visit a mix of styles. Take a look at the map above for each tour’s meeting point; you’ll hit three pizzerias within 1 mile of that location.

It is highly recommended that you bring a refillable container for water. We discourage the use of bottled water, as New York’s tap water is among the cleanest and tastiest in the country. You’ll also want to bring a camera, your love of adventure and an insatiable appetite.

Most of the walking tours are wheelchair accessible. The only walking tours that are not fully accessible yet are the West Village and Downtown Brooklyn tours, which have steps getting into the first pizzerias. 

we’re kinda famous

(so we're told)

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019. WOW!

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour!

Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!

“Grimaldi’s vs. John’s”

Tour Availability

Bermuda Triangle


Small mysterious triangular section of pizza left on a tray after a pizza has been sliced with less than 100% accuracy.


YES! No matter how long you’ve lived in New York there are certainly pizzerias you have never visited. In fact, New Yorkers tend to be least aware of the pizza possibilities in their own backyards!

YES! Your guide is licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to take you on a unique NYC tour by way of its pizza. Most tourists want to see the city and eat its pizza; Scott’s Pizza Tours let you do both!

Participants are provided with at least one slice at each of the three pizzerias we visit. If you fall in love with a particular slice, feel free to order a pie or two to-go. Just remember to bring cash, as the classic pizzerias don’t take credit.

Scott’s Pizza Tours draw its stops from a bank of several pizzerias. Every stop is chosen after careful research and taste-testing. We must also take into account each stop’s location in relation to our tour routing. New York is a big place and there is a lot of great pizza out there so please feel free to make suggestions via our contact form.

We don’t! The group will only taste cheese slices. This maintains a uniform standard upon which to evaluate the slices we consume. If you would like any extra slices with toppings, you may order them at your own cost.

ALL of our public tours are vegetarian! Since we serve pizza composed of the holy trinity of cheese-sauce-crust, anyone who wishes to avoid gluten, lactose, cheese, or anything else is welcome to purchase their own pizza whenever possible. Please be advised that gluten free pizza may not be available on every public tour.  

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