Bowery Boys Podcast Updates NYC Pizza History

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The Bowery Boys Podcast is a fantastic show about New York City history. The current episode is an update about recent discoveries regarding the early history of pizza in the U.S. Did you think Lombardi’s introduced pizza to America when it opened in 1905? NOPE! The place was already a pizzeria owned by a serious of other pizza makers as far back as 1898! Have you seen the sign at John’s of Bleecker Street proclaiming its heritage going back to 1929? WRONG AGAIN! Business directories place its founding back around 1915, before John Sasso took over the business from his wife’s uncle!

Intrigued? Confused? This pizza-focused episode of the Bowery Boys Podcast is for you! I joined Tom and Greg for an afternoon stroll around Greenwich Village, SoHo, and the Bowery in search of pizza factoids that cut through the mythology. It was a ton of fun to give one of our NYC pizza walking tours to such strong stalwarts for the city’s incredible history. Enjoy the podcast!

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