Online Pizza Classes

Transform Your Kitchen into a Pizzeria

Up your home pizza making game with our virtual pizza classes! We'll help you make the best pizza of your life using simple tips and tricks based on NYC's best pizzerias.

After you sign up, we’ll email you a video conference link to access the class in addition to directions and necessary ingredients for cooking classes.

90 Minute classes

$299 And Up

Private Classes

Pizza Making Classes

Learn to make great pizza at home with these two interactive online options. We have a Pizza Dough Workshop for those who want learn how to make great pizza dough at home and a Pizza Making Class if you want to get right to the food. We can even ship all the ingredients you need directly to your group members!

$299 Per Session (and up)

Pizza History Lectures

How did pizza go from being a peasant food in the streets of Southern Italy to a global phenomenon? What does Fascism have to do with tomato sauce? We'll separate fact from fiction with historical photos, documents, and stories in an interactive lecture that will quench your thirst for facts while making you hungry!

$299 Per Session

Public Classes - on hiatus

Pizza Dough Workshop

on hiatus
1:00 PM ET
90 Min

Whether you’re an experienced pizzaiolo or a total noob, this session will help you turn water, flour, yeast, salt, and oil into perfect pizza dough. Shopping and equipment lists will be emailed to you upon purchase or you can order a Pizza Dough Making kit with pro quality pre-measured ingredients. This dough takes 24 hours to rise, so this class pairs perfectly with Sunday's Pizza Making class!

*Private Dough classes also available.

$35 Per screen

Home Pizza Making Workshop

on hiatus
1:00 PM ET
90 Min

Have you always struggled with stretching pizza dough? Our Pizza Pros will help you iron out the kinks with some simple techniques used by the best pizza makers in NYC. This session is the perfect follow-up to Saturday's Pizza Dough Workshop, or you can make a batch yourself with our Pizza Dough Making kit or pick some up some from your local pizzeria. Details will be sent via email upon signup.

*Private Pizza Making classes also available.

$35 Per screen

we’re kinda famous

(so we're told)

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019.

Scott took Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour to Brooklyn!

tonight show starrting \jimmy fallon red logo

Scott judged the First Annual Pizza-Off!

Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!

looking at a delicious new york pizza

Bermuda Triangle


Small mysterious triangular section of pizza left on a tray after a pizza has been sliced with less than 100% accuracy.

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Additional Pizza Experiences

Sunday Pizza Bus Tour

Walking Pizza Tour

Private Pizza Tour

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