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Meet the planet’s biggest pizza nerds

We're pizza lovers first, tour guides second. Our mission is to welcome you into the fold of NYC's storied pizza culture. We do that by having great relationships with the best pizzerias in New York City. Our tours support small businesses by purchasing their food and sharing the stories they don't have time to tell. When that story gets complicated, we do the research to separate fact from fiction. You may think pizza is just the world's most delicious food, but it's really science, history, culture, people...and also cheese.

Amy Rothberger

Amy grew up outside of Detroit but insists there’s New York in her blood, as her father was proudly born and raised in Brooklyn. She spent every winter break as a child piling into the station wagon (and subsequently the minivan) to drive 10+ hours to Brooklyn to visit family.

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a man leading a pizza tour in New York City

Asad Dandia

Born and bred in NYC, Asad is the consummate student just as much as he is the consummate educator. His interests include history, cultural anthropology, community organizing, and of course extra cheese. Guiding tours is Asad's favorite way to enjoy NYC.

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ashley mincey makes pizza

Chef Mincey

If Ashley Mincey looks familiar, you're probably a fan of Master Chef. She was a leading competitor on season 9 and has been teaching online cooking classes from her home in Miami since 2020. As for her favorite slice? If it’s sweet and spicy- it’s serving pizza goals!

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C.C. Webster

As the brains behind-the-scenes, C.C. coordinates scheduling for all public and private pizza tours. Always a huge fan of anything with cheese, it was on the Sunday Pizza Bus that she discovered the beauty and bounty of the New York pizza world, seeking out new slices ever since.

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Dan Kaminsky

Dan was born and raised in Brooklyn, living in NYC his entire life. He grew up in a household with no skilled chefs, so pizza was always the standby. Dan started giving food tours in 2014 but lacked an emotional connection with the food. Thats when he turned his focus to pizza, the food that weaned him.

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a white mad wearing a red shirt eats a folded slice of pizza while sitting on a wooden bench

David Frasure

As a street performer, David has regaled thousands of New Yorkers and visitors alike with the vibrant sounds of his lively marimba. Communicating through a heavy instrument has its drawbacks, which is why David turned to the glorious slice of pizza as his muse. Ask him about his recent trip to Napoli!

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Jon Monje pizza tour guide

Jon Monje

Before he became a professional pizza nerd, Jon Monje enjoyed a long and storied career as a stock photo model. He spends his non-pizza time studying and performing comedy in New York City. You can find him at the Magnet Theater or Caveat, two of the sharpest clubs in town!

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Krista Cousins

A New Yorker by birth, Krista spent her early years in the south United States. After her first visit back to NYC, she fell in love with the sights, sounds and especially the pizza! She has called NYC her home since 2003, making it her mission is to educate tourists and New Yorkers alike about its treasures.

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a woman holds a pizza in front of a pizza oven

Laura Walter

Laura walter is a pizza lover of the highest order. Born in Germany, she dipped into Naples when the urge for pizza struck. Her curiosity about the magical elixir of dough, sauce, and cheese has led her to experiments in her own kitchen, where she has long chased crusty perfection.

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Paul Mckenney

Paul grew up in a family that ate pizza for every special occasion as well as pretty much every Friday. After moving from Michigan to NYC, he worked at a famous pizzeria for 12 years, meeting Scott along the way. Paul loves all pizza, from the fanciest gourmet pies, to eating pizza rolls in bed.

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Scott Wiener

SPT's founder is a leading voice in the pizza community. His weekly limit is 15 slices. As a monthly columnist for Pizza Today Magazine, host of Thrillist's Really Dough, and Guinness World Record holder for largest collection of pizza boxes, it's clear that he turned obsession into a lifestyle.

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Pizza Tour Guides learning about mozzarella

We're Hiring!

We're always looking for great people to join our team of pizza nerds. It's the perfect gig for anyone who loves history, science, storytelling, people, and PIZZA! To apply, please email a 60-second video of yourself explaining why pizza is important to you. You can send your video or link to info@scottspizzatours.com.

we’re kinda famous

(so we're told)

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019.

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour!

tonight show starrting \jimmy fallon red logo

Scott judged the “First Annual Tonight Show Pizza Off” in Sept 2021.

"Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!"

tonight show starrting \jimmy fallon red logo

The Tonight Show

Scott judged the First Annual Pizza-Off in Sept 2021!

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour through Manhattan and Brooklyn!

O: The Oprah Magazine

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019. WOW!

Food Network: United Tastes of America

Scott took the Food Network on a tour of Bleecker Street's pizza scene.

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