Home Baking Camp

August 10-14, 2020
6-8pm ET each day


Baking Camp is a 5-session online course in essential home baking techniques led by professional carbohydrate enthusiast Scott Wiener. We'll email you a list of ingredients and equipment you'll need to follow along at home. You should be able to find everything in your local grocery store, so there's no need to source anything obscure. Students will also receive access to videos of each class, bonus recipes, and additional breaducational materials.

What are we going to bake?

Our August session focuses on yeast-leavened breads! Get ready to master bagels, pizza, whole wheat sandwich bread, and semi-sourdough country loaves. All projects will fit into our 5-day cycle so you won't have any homework. All you'll need is some flour, salt, yeast, oil, butter, honey, and some bowls. We'll mix by hand, so you won't even need a stand mixer! This is all about the basics -- perfect for those who always feared baking because they thought it was too complicated.

Instructor: Scott Wiener

As founder of Scott's Pizza Tours, Slice Out Hunger, and the Pizza Resource Center, Scott Wiener is a leading voice in the pizza industry. He's a monthly columnist for Pizza Today Magazine, host of Thrillist's Really Dough, and Guinness World Record holder for largest collection of pizza boxes. Sounds strange, but it's true!

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we’re kinda famous

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Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019.

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour!

tonight show starrting \jimmy fallon red logo

Scott judged the “First Annual Tonight Show Pizza Off” in Sept 2021.

"Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!"

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The Tonight Show

Scott judged the First Annual Pizza-Off in Sept 2021!

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

Scott takes Ryan Seacrest on a NYC pizza tour through Manhattan and Brooklyn!

O: The Oprah Magazine

Gayle King featured SPT on her page in Oprah Magazine in July 2019. WOW!

Food Network: United Tastes of America

Scott took the Food Network on a tour of Bleecker Street's pizza scene.

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