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Scott Wiener started collecting pizza boxes in 2007 when he saw a "limited edition" box in a New Jersey pizzeria. Since then, he's been archiving interesting boxes from around the world. Boxes in the collection are mostly clean, unused samples. Some are from Scott's own adventures but many are gifts from pizza tour guests.

We can learn a lot about pizza box marketing by looking at the collection. Below you'll find the main beats of pizza box marketing as details in Scott's presentations at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas and Pizza Pasta Northeast in Atlantic City.

1,738 pizza boxes

100+ countries

7+ continents

1 packed closet


Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box

The New York Times called Scott’s book about pizza box art and history “delightful and informative” and WIRED Magazine says it’s “an intensely researched love song to [pizza boxes].” It was published in November 2013 by Melville House and remains the world’s only book about pizza boxes.

pizza box book

Retro Designs

Some design elements are just so classic, they’ll never go away. Hundreds of pizzerias use retro motifs to market their brands. What’s old has become new. 


Rather than going over the top with TMI (too much info) or TMD (too much design), some pizzerias opt for a slimmed down, classy approach. This signals a more refined, elegant vibe than most pizza boxes. The tradeoff for subdued branding is lack of information. 


Pizzerias that want to project an artisan image often purchase blank boxes and stamp them by hand. It’s a bit more investment in terms of labor, but it lends a nice handmade feel. 

Italian Boxes

Italy has some of the most stunning art of any printed box, mainly because their pizza box industry is so young and also because of its use of E flute substrate.

Brazilian Boxes

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New Technology

Are the the future of pizza boxes? Maybe!

Stock Boxes

Just because they’re generic doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.

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