New Scholarship Supports Women in Pizza

March is Women’s History Month and that means it’s the perfect time to honor and support women in the pizza world! Pizza has long been a male-dominated business but that’s all changing thanks to a strong and growing network of women in the pizza world. This month, Stanislaus (an incredible independent tomato company in California) and Corto (their sister company making some of the best olive oil on Earth) have joined forces to create a limited edition pizza kit to support women looking to enter the pizza business. Sales of this kit will help send five women to the course of their choice at Pizza University just outside Washington, DC. You can purchase the kit here.

Who Are the Women in Pizza?

I’ve written in the past about some of my favorite pizzaiola friends, such as Rose and Susan from John’s Pizzeria in Queens and Pina from Pugsley Pizza in the Bronx. Now a fresh wave of women in pizza is currently on the rise. In fact, there’s even an organization dedicated to supporting women in the pizza business called Women in Pizza. Lots of women own, operate, and make pizza in some of the best restaurants in the world but few get the same attention as their male counterparts. The organization exists to boost women so that younger people will see that it’s an industry that welcomes people who don’t fit the pizzeria stereotype.

Pizza Kit

Sister companies Stanislaus Food Products and Corto have assembled a kit filled with fantastic pizza ingredients and a book of recipes to support the Women In Pizza scholarship. Here’s what you’ll get in the kit:

  • Two jars of Piccolo Datterini, a product previously unavailable to the public. These are small, sweet plum tomatoes that are so incredibly easy to hand crush and drape across a pizza dough.
  • One bottle of Corto extra virgin olive oil. This is the stuff I use at home. It’s excellent California olive oil that reminds you how olive oil is supposed to taste like olive.
  • One jar of dried oregano flowers from Burlap & Barrel. I’ve never used these before but I’m pumped!
  • A tote bag from BAGGU
  • A copy of the limited edition “Love at First Bite” cookbook filled with pizza recipes from some of the best women in pizza

Supporting Women in Pizza

Every purchase of this pizza kit will help fund a new scholarship that helps educate women in search of pizza education thanks to a partnership with Pizza University in Belsville, MD. If either you or someone you know is a woman in the pizza world, register yourself with the Women in Pizza organization here.


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