Tiffany Fiedler of Skinny Bitch Pizza in Los Angeles


Tiffany Fielder opened Skinny Bitch Pizza in Los Angeles less than a year ago (May 2017) with the idea that good pizza doesn’t have to be frightening to the health-conscious. Her operation is delivery only and serves gluten-free pizza in catchy pink pizza boxes. It’s a unique concept fueled by big ideas. 

How did you get into the pizza business?
My dad is really the one who introduced me to making pizza. He grew up in Cleveland working in a pizzeria that made Cleveland Style pizza (or pies as they call them).

Your pizzeria concept is unique. How did you come up with the idea?
I’m gluten free and have had a tough time finding a fresh made gluten free pizza that wasn’t made entirely of starch like rice flour, potato flour, and corn starch.

Your concept is extremely well branded. What businesses influenced you the most in designing your company’s identity?
That’s a good question, I’ve never actually thought about it. I think I really just aimed to keep it fun and interesting.

I have yet to try your pizza. What is the one sentence description of your pizza style?
Gluten free cauliflower pizza crust that tastes good while you look good.

Why did you end up working in pizza instead of another food?
It’s like any other lifelong commitment, when you know you know.

Your business is still very new. What are the big challenges on your plate right now?  
We’re currently very focused on growing the business with the right people.


*This post is part of a month-long series featuring women in the pizza industry in honor of Women’s History Month!


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