The Best Airport Pizza EVER!

Airport pizza isn’t good. It doesn’t need to be good. You’re a captive audience and Sbarro is the only option. Until now. Varasano’s is easily at the top of the pizza game in Atlanta and now you can get their incredible pies in Terminal A of the Atlanta airport. Great minds think alike –  C.B. Cebulski also stopped by recently! 

I blame myself for missing my first opportunity to try Varasano’s airport location. I only had twenty minutes before boarding began and didn’t feel confident enough to take the airtrain an extra stop to pick up a pie and zip back to my departing gate. Of course the flight didn’t board on time and I could have easily made it, but I knew I’d be back in the airport in a of couple days and thought it wise to play it safe. 

My connecting flight was miraculously scheduled to depart from a gate just a couple hundred feet from Varasano’s, so I had no excuse not to make it happen on my way back to NYC. I’m only disappointed that I waited to board before diving into the pie, because it clearly suffered from soggification due to its entrapment inside the cardboard coffin. 

Even so, the pizza was excellent, even better than so many Neapolitan pizzas I’ve had in restaurants. Thanks to Jeff and his team, I’ll be routing all future flights through Atlanta!


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