Sizzle Pie’s Amazing Pizza Boxes

When Pizza Today Magazine recently announced Portland’s Sizzle Pie as the Independent Pizzeria of the year, it was no surprise to me. I had the opportunity to visit Sizzle Pie last summer and thought the food and concept were spot-on. But the most exciting thing for me was the incredible wall of pizza box art toward the back of the pizzeria. I asked Mikey what was up with that and he told me they do super limited edition runs of 250 boxes designed by local artists. I absolutely love the idea and even dream of organizing a nationwide collective of pizza box artists – Sizzle Pie has proven it’s worth a shot. Mikey gave me a few boxes to add to my Guinness World Record collection and promised me he’d save future prints and mail them to me some day. Almost exactly one year later, three mysterious packages arrived on my doorstep. The contents were mind-boggling. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the batch of 40 incredible Sizzle Pie boxes I received. And I have a feeling there are more on the way!

Art by @barelyhuman

Art by @liveradstudios

Art by OBW

Art by Tallboy

Art by Jamie Brown

Art by tattoo artist Redmond

Art by tattoo artist @JosiahLaughlinawr


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