World Record Pizza Box Collection

World Record Pizza Box Collection

A 2008 trip to Israel changed everything. It was on this trip that SPT’s Scott Wiener first realized that all pizza boxes are not created equally. The familiar smudgy red ink printed on a thin, white chipboard base was not the norm in the Middle East. Instead, a striking box printed with blue writing on a yellow background made it clear that language and currency weren’t the only defining characteristics of a culture.

Thus began a lifelong quest to collect and archive as many interesting pizza boxes as possible. Personal pizzeria visits were the most exciting methods of collection, but friends and family quickly caught on and adopted the pizza box quest as their own. Pizza boxes poured in from all over the world, resulting in a collection deemed the world’s largest by Guinness World Records in 2013.

Since an honor like this cannot be taken lightly, Wiener committed to sharing the collection. Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box, Wiener’s book of over 100 amazing pizza boxes from around the world, was published by Melville House in 2013. He even partnered with designer Steph Mantis to create a tour of the collection’s best pieces in galleries across Europe in 2014 (pictured above).

Please contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring your own pizza box exhibition with this incredible collection of unexpected art.

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