New Pizza Box Shelf

My dad recently showed me his old coin collection. He keeps it in a series of books, each with its own pre-labeled compartments so he knows exactly which coins he’s missing and what doubles he has. How convenient!

I wish I had a collection that was so neat and tidy, but my stack of pizza boxes is quite the opposite. Some pieces (yes, I call them pieces) have scraps of cheese or grease splotches stuck to the lids, but that’s easily taken care of with a quick scrape and a spray of lacquer. For the past few months I’ve been way more concerned with storage options. With my flimsy over-the-desk bookshelf buckling under the weight of some 100+ pizza boxes, I decided it was time to take action.

First I had to examine and sort my collection. This was fascinating because most of these pieces have been sent to me by pizza tour alumni and relatives. I have boxes from Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, China, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Austria, Kazakhstan and more. I even have some limited edition boxes from pizzerias and pizza distributors!

All it took was about $15 worth of lumber and I was ready for action. Now my dangerously stacked pile is safely nestled in the unused airspace above my bedroom door! The only trouble is that now I have tons of usable pizza box storage space, so contact me if you find a sweet box and I’ll let you know about all the prizes I can give you for sending it my way.

[sorry for all the blurry cell phone photos but you get the idea]


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