NYC Pizza Bus – $75
Meets in Little Italy – Sundays Only

NYC Pizza Bus - $75

Even native New Yorkers rarely venture to the city’s secluded pizza havens. With the NYC Pizza Bus, you’ll taste some of the city’s best kept secrets as you learn everything there is to know about America’s favorite food.

People always ask me where to find the best pizza in New York but that question is impossible to answer; it’s like asking an artist’s favorite color. There are too many variables: Do you want a sit-down restaurant? Are you looking for a slice or a whole pie? Does too much cheese make you cringe? How far are you willing to travel?

I used to pile inquisitive minds and tummies into my car for a day of sampling interesting pies but demand has far exceeded my Nissan Sentra’s capacity. The solution seemed clear: rent a school bus and deliver the people to the pizza! And so the NY Pizza Bus was born.

Each trip visits four of New York’s best pizzerias. We’ll eat slices from some of the city’s oldest brick ovens as well as classic New York slice counters, all while discussing the intricacies of pizza history and culture! The itinerary is ever-changing, as there are far too many worthy destinations to adhere to a single route. The bus always starts in Manhattan but possible destinations include pizzerias in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. We always hit at least one borough beyond Manhattan.

I canb hardly wait to take you on a pizza tour!

Your pal,
Scott (This is the only tour I always run. If I’m not in town, there is no bus tour. If there is no bus tour, I’m out of town.)


  • A 4.5-hour course in pizza history
  • Slices at four of the best pizzerias on the planet
  • Transportation via big yellow school bus
  • The cutest darn goody bag this side of the Mississip’
  • Guidance by a certified Pizza Enthusiast and licensed tour guide

Does Not Include:

  • Beverages
  • Toppings (we keep it simple)

Duration: 4.5 hours
Cost: $75 adult, $60 child (ages 4-12)

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Pop-Up Pizza Tour – $89
Meeting times and locations change for each event

Pop-Up Pizza Tour - $89


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