Lectures and Events

Lectures and Events

Scott Wiener is a professional pizza enthusiast who transformed his passion for a good slice into a lifestyle career. You’ll see him on just about every television program about pizza; you’ll read his quotes in articles about pizza; he’ll even pop into your favorite pizzeria when you least expect. But this isn’t a hobby, this is his full-time career.

Contact us to inquire about hosting a lecture of one of the following topics OR request your own!

History – The History of Pizza (general) – Brooklyn’s Pizza Past (specific) – Pizza Myth Busting

Science – The Science of Pizza (general) – The Science of Pizza Dough (specific)

Pizza General – Confessions of a Pizza Box Hoarder – Pizza Eating Pro Tips

Business – Turning Passion into Business: How I Eat Pizza for a Living – Slice Out Hunger: Supporting Hunger Relief in Your Community – Social Media Tips for Restaurants

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