World’s Largest Deliverable Pizza

Last night a dream of mine came true.

It all started a few years back when I began collecting pizza boxes. As of this moment I have about 200 unique pizza boxes, each featuring interesting artwork, design, functionality, etc. But one box has eluded me since I first head its legend. The largest pizza box available is 54 inches square and it exists for the sole purpose of transporting the largest deliverable pizza known to man for Big Mama’s & Papa’s in Los Angeles. I had to have it.

Last night, mere moments after I landed at LAX, my brother JW and I hit the pizzeria just in time to see it emerge from the oven. It’s so big they have to bake it with the oven door open and rotate it every few minutes. We had to order this thing 24 hours in advance. It costs $200 and feeds 50-70 people. With 15 eaters, we got through about half the pie before everyone passed out. This pizza is so large it doesn’t fit through doorways. We took it out back and set up a card table to support its mass. What an amazing site.

We decided to get it uncut to prevent cheese shiftage and it worked like a charm. Kitchen shears were perfect cutting tools for this and spared the box’s floor from tread marks. Now the box is sitting in front of my in perfect condition, ready to be carried down the street to the UPS store for shipping back home to my collection in NYC.

You see, dreams really do come true.


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