World Premier: SPT The Movie


Catch the world premier of Scott’s Pizza Tours: A Documentary at the DOC NYC festival this month. The film has screenings on Nov 11 (Friday) and Nov 14 (Monday) At IFC Center in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Visit the DOC NYC site for tickets. I’ll be at the Nov 14 screening if you want to say hi and grab a slice at Joe’s after the movie!

How did this movie even happen??? A couple years ago, a small Brooklyn-based production company called Notice Pictures approached me about making a film about a guy who makes a living doing pizza stuff. Ryan Jones and Shawn Willis filmed me for eight months, during which they followed me on tours, running errands, judging pizza competitions in Las Vegas, working with a flour company in Italy, and other assorted pizza moments. I forgot how much they captured until I saw the film. It’s totally crazy. Find out what it’s like to be livin’ la vida pizza with this awesome doc!


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