Women in Pizza: Mandy Detwiler and Denise Greer of Pizza Today Magazine

**In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’ll be posting about women in the pizza community every few days this month. The pizza biz is pretty male-dominated, so let’s take this opportunity to throw the spotlight onto some of the women who are doing amazing work in the pizza world. This post takes on TWO amazing women in the pizza world, Mandy Detwiler and Denise Greer.


Pizza Today Magazine is a real magazine. I didn’t make it up. It’s a trade magazine for the pizza industry and it’s amazing. My brother signed me up for a subscription around 2005 and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. 

I quickly became familiar with the work of Mandy Detwiler, the managing editor, and was excited to meet her at the Northeast Pizza Show in Atlantic City in 2006. It was my first pizza industry event and I had the best time ever. Mandy was hilarious. She’s has that sarcastic-yet-loving attitude that keeps everyone motivated not to screw up. Beyond editorial work, Mandy also handles food styling and social media for Pizza Today. I’m always excited to see Mandy at pizza shows and sometimes even on her pizza-related trips to NYC. I once convinced her to help count my pizza box collection for my Guinness World Record certification. She’s freekin’ awesome.


Denise joined Pizza Today Magazine as an associate editor in 2011. I remember meeting her at John’s Pizzzeria on that first pizza trip she took to NYC. I knew immediately we would be friends forever. Now Denise gets to write great articles about pizza and craft a message that hits the majority of pizzerias in the country. Just look at how intense she is in this photo below! I guarantee she was asking a pizza question so intense that this guy had to brace himself by holding onto the handle of his oven. Denise RULES!



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