Women in Pizza: Jenny Bello

**In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’ll be posting about women in the pizza community every few days this month. The pizza biz is pretty male-dominated, so let’s take this opportunity to throw the spotlight onto some of the women who are doing amazing work in the pizza world. 


Jenny Bello is one of America’s foremost pizza educators. She is co-owner of Pizza A Casa Pizza School, a cooking school that deals exclusively with pizza and pasta. She has armed thousands of pizza lovers with the skills they need to make stunning pizza in their home ovens. The ~4 hour workshop takes students through the process of dough making (by hand!), fermentation, stretching, topping, and baking. It’s totally awesome!

What Jenny does for pizza is extremely special. She doesn’t run a pizzeria; she doesn’t work behind a counter making hundreds of pies every day; she’s not just in a back office ordering mozzarella. Jenny Bello is a pizza evangelist, spreading the good word to students in her classes and at events around the world. 

I’ve had the pleasure of eating and making pizza with Jenny dozens of times and she is a total wizard. Here she is finishing some pies at a sold out James Beard House event. 

Visit Jenny at:
Pizza A Casa Pizza School
371 Grand Street
NY, NY 10002



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