Where Does Jon Stewart Eat Pizza?

John’s of Bleecker Street. That’s the answer. Well, sort of. He also likes NY Pizza Suprema. And I’ve heard he digs the slices at Joe’s on Carmine Street. The bottom line is Jon Stewart is a serious pizza nerd so when I saw him at John’s of Bleecker Street last week I had to interrupt to express my appreciation for using his platform to represent good pizza. I’m not taking sides with regard to his rants against Chicago deep dish, but I respect his passion. 

I’m not one to approach celebrities for a selfie, so it took some pacing before I had to guts to interrupt Jon Stewart’s lunch. I think he was being interviewed, so I didn’t feel too bad. He was answering questions about his new show, The Problem, and he was super passionate in his responses. Not a surprise. I waited for a dip in the conversation and made my move. He was extremely cordial and my interruption turned into a nice little conversation about pizza and our mutual passion for it. I explained that I give pizza tours around NYC, to which he responded “You have the best job in the world!” I agree. I’ve always been a fan of Jon Stewart’s work so it was a real treat to chat with him.

UPDATE: This encounter got a fat mention in Mr. Stewart’s Financial Times interview! It’s hard to contain my excitement now that a legitimate publication has printed quotes calling me “A pizza artist” and “a philosopher king.” Whoa.

Here’s a link to order John’s of Bleecker Street anywhere in the US via Goldbelly. We don’t make anything off this, it’s just a plug to support John’s because we love them. 


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