What’s Good Dough Podcast

There are a bunch of great pizza podcasts out there but my favorite is What’s Good Dough with Eidref Laxa. It’s an interview show that features a mix of professional, amateur, and semi-pro pizza makers for intimate conversations about everything from ingredients and recipes to ethics and intention. Eidref is really great at listening but he also engages his guests when and answer interests him.

Eidref started the podcast to learn more about pizza in preparation for opening a restaurant of his own. What he’s found along the way is that there are far more pieces to the puzzle than he anticipated. I love the podcast because you get to hear Eidref as he learns from his guests. It’s pretty great.

In this episode, we talk about existing on the fringes of the pizza industry. I work in pizza education (through New York City pizza tours and online pizza making classes) while Eidref runs the podcast. Neither of us currently owns or are in any rush to own a pizzeria. Still, we associate with pizzeria operators and work as much with them as we do with anybody else. The conversation brought up some things that have been on Eidref’s mind as he thinks more about whether or not restaurant ownership is in his future.

Take a listen and if you like the show please consider subscribing. It’s really very special and you’ll enjoy hearing from some truly amazing people pontificating about all things pizza.


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