WARNING: Bogus Pizza Festivals


Have you seen these Pizza Festival events on Facebook? Be careful – they’re probably fake. The New York event has 88k “interested” and 32k “going.” That’s a lot of people! And there are other events listed for London, Amsterdam, and Galway. The events promise live music, wine, beer, and “more than 200 different kind of pizzas. From thick to thin from small to big. From pizza to calzones. From healthy ones to nice and cheesy unhealthy ones.” There are even dates listed for each event in August and September. 

Too bad there’s no actual information or details about any of the events. I’ve emailed and messaged through Facebook but so far have not received a response. Seems like these events aren’t real and were just set up to attract clicks, which they most certainly have. I’ll check back if I get a response, but my thought right now is that these aren’t real events, so be careful what you click. 


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