Victoria Pizzeria in Gerritsen Beach

two slices of pizza on two paper places, one is a Sicilian edge and the other is a classic slice

Yesterday I took a ride down to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn to check Victoria Pizzeria. I don’t remember ever hearing about this place but suddenly a few weeks back I received a strong recommendation to check it out. It must have been a Saturday because I was leading a tour to Lo Duca Pizza in Newkirk Plaza and some random guy approached the group and started hanging out with us. telling me I had to check out a great spot in Gerritsen Beach. I logged the place in my map app and went about with the remainder of the tour. A few weeks later, the perfect opportunity presented itself and off I went to Gerritsen Beach.

On my way down to Victoria Pizzeria, I passed an Italian cafe, a soccer club, and an Italian ice place. Made sense to me! When I pulled up to Victoria, it exactly as I had dreamed. This place has been around since 1962 and not much has changed over the past 60 years. The sign is beautiful. The picnic tables are perfect. I had to go inside.

two people and a baby sitting at a red picnic table outside a pizzeria

Of the many funny things about Victoria, the first is that you have to step down to go inside the place. I can only imagine the disaster when it rains over here. Inside is like a total time capsule. There are stained glass lamps hanging everywhere, which perfectly accent the wood paneling. And of course my favorite Plymold contour booths in my favorite configuration (red seats, faux wood table). Bonus points for the funny fake stone behind the counter.

interior of a classic 1960s pizzeria

I wouldn’t call this a destination pizzeria aside from the classic interior. The pizza is above average, but not incredible. It’s the kind of place I might consider taking one of my Sunday Pizza Bus Tours, but it’s just too far out of the way. I could pair it up with some other old school spots out here, but none of them are as good as their reputation promises.

Since this was my first time at Victoria, I had a slice and a square. The slice was fine, maybe even Very Good, but the square was a bit dry. This is clearly a par-bake, which is totally fine but I feel like the par-bake was too long so the resulting pizza felt non-cohesive. It was like cheese melted on toast.

It’s already been a day but I still regret not getting a small Coke. I’ve been keeping my soda intake very very low, but this was the perfect slice for it. Next time.

Victoria Pizzeria
2716 Gerritsen Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 891-9496


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