Tomato Update

I started growing tomatoes about a month ago and things seem to be moving along very well. I have three varieties of San Marzano: San Marzano Redorta, Super San Marzano and just straight-up San Marzano. The seed company also sent me a bonus pack of Roma, so I tossed those into some dirt too! I planted the seeds in coffee cups with holes punched in the bottom for drainage. I read somewhere that they need warm soil, so I stuck an electric blanket under the plants and that seemed to do the trick. When the sprouts started to appear, I switched from coffee cup lid to plastic bag. These little guys need some sort of covering so they don’t dry out.


At this point, just about every seed I planted has become an adorable little plant. I’m growing these inside a Brooklyn apartment so there are a few tips and tricks I read that have been helping me through the urban gardening process. To give the seedlings a feel for the wind, I have been blowing a fan on them for about 20 minutes every morning. This is supposed to make the plants stronger.

This is my first time growing tomatoes so I’m pretty darn nervous. I hope they are getting enough sunlight, but I hope I’m not leaving them too exposed. There are two plants in every cup, could they be too crowded? Am I watering them too much? Too little? If anybody has any thoughts or tips, please share. 

I’ve gotten pretty excited about these little dudes so I just planted some seeds for oregano, basil (2 varieties) and rosemary. If all goes well, this is going to be a DELICIOUS summer!


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