Today marks the 8th anniversary of Scott’s Pizza Tours. When the bus rolled out on April 27, 2008 I had no idea what it would become. Huge thanks to every pizzeria we’ve ever visited, some of which you’ll see in this video, made by the incredible Anna Orchard. Some really amazing clips from Luzzo’s, Two Boots, Rizzo’s, Sottocasa, Patsy’s, Paulie Gee’s, Gnocco, Giulio Adriani, Speedy Romeo, Motorino, and Emily

Huge thanks to the 40,000+ people who have taken pizza tours with us over the past eight years. And it wouldn’t be possible without our TEAM SPT family of Miriam, Joe, Alexis, Cedric, C.C., and TEAM SPT alum JoAnne. And a huge shoutout to our pizza buddies Pizza A Casa Pizza School, Chicago Pizza Tours, Milwaukee Pizza Tours, John Arena, Steph Mantis, Adam Kuban (RIP Slice), Pizza Brain, Pizza Today, PMQ, Pizza Expo, and every amazing pizzeria owner/operator/delivery person we’ve met over the years. 


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