5 Tips for a Full Pizza Belly

I’ll be at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas next week and I plan on eating a TON of pizza. In an effort to combat extreme stomach destruction, I asked my friend and pro nutritionist Celia Kutcher for her advice on how to deal with the aftermath of massive pizza intake.


Celia’s Top 5 Tips for Pizza Overeating:

1. Just Say No to Cold Beverages
When eating pizza or any other cheesy things you don’t want to drink anything very cold, it’ll turn the cheese into a rock in your belly. Drink wine, beer, black tea or lemonade, as the acidity in these beverages will help to break food down for easier digestion.

2. Assume the Position
If you’ve really done a number on yourself try this, lie down on your left side. Seriously. It has to do with the design of the stomach and it works amazingly well. 

3. Take a Hike
Move around a little bit, just sitting there feeling bloated and terrible isn’t going to do anything good for you and it certainly won’t make you feel any better. No need to go to the gym or work out hard, just take a walk around the block and you’ll feel much better.

4. Skip Dessert
Sugar is the deadly finish for overeating. When you’re full, sugar tends to push you over the edge and then you really feel awful. Leave the cannoli and zeppole for another time.

5. Balance
If you overdid it at lunch, have a really simple dinner of green veggies either steamed or sauteed. Feel free to add brown rice, the fiber will help to move things along and the rice and greens will kill any lingering acidity and sour belly.

**You can contact Celia, the Food Healer, directly through her website, blog and facebook page.


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