Scott’s Pizza Tours in PMQ

Ever since the day my brother Jon signed me up for a subscription to Pizza Today Magazine, I’ve been an avid reader. Then came the news that another trade magazine exists for the pizza industry: PMQ’s (Pizza Marketing Quarterly) Pizza Magazine. Both periodicals provide great articles about oven technology, dough preparation, cheese options, etc. Needless to say, I celebrate the day either magazine arrives in my mailbox. The current issue of Pizza Magazine is especially intriguing because it includes a blurb about Scott’s Pizza Tours, inspired by a surprise visit to the NY Pizza Walk by PMQ publisher Steve Green. This guy is a real pizza fan and he was a delightful addition to our pizza expedition. PMQ even hosts its own video website called PizzaTV, where you can find video components of Pizza Magazine’s articles. Steve posted a great video about the NY Pizza Walk, which you can find at


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