SPT in Pizza Today Magazine

The pages of Pizza Today Magazine are geared toward pizzeria owners across the country. Articles often refer to the different styles of pizza as if they were options on a menu rather than vast geographic variations. Sometimes I get a chuckle when reading about a “New York style” pizzeria in Oklahoma whose owners and pizzaioli have never even visited New York. The current issue of Pizza Today offers a guide of sorts for these folks. They’ve published a fantastic article summarizing eleven of the city’s top pizzerias, including classics such as Lombardi’s, Difara, Grimaldi’s, and Patsy’s as well as newcomers like Luzzo’s, Lucali and Franny’s. I even had a chance to accompany Pizza Today’s Jeremy White (editor-in-chief) and Josh Keown (art director) to several of the pizzerias.

You can read the article in Pizza Today’s online magazine ! Just click the “Archives” link for the October 2008 issue.


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