SPT Holiday Party

Just a few shots from this year’s Scott’s Pizza Tours holiday party, a retrospective of hometown pizza styles. 


Our amazing host / pizza tour guide JOE showing off his flatbread appetizer and a classy oven mitt. It was awesome. 


Miriam photographs a frozen pizza from her favorite pizzeria in Dayton, OH called Marion’s. Close the oven, you’re losing heat!


Marion’s pizza from Ohio gets cut into squares even though it’s round. I will never understand this, but I will accept it.


Joe is from Detroit so he made a style of pizza indigenous to his native land. Miriam is excited and Scott is amused.


Joe serves his homemade Buddy’s-style Detroit pizza. It was EXCELLENT! Jared reached a zen-like state from the smell alone.


Joe used the last dough to make a delicious cinnamon-sugar flatbread and topped it with vanilla ice cream. It was DIVINE!


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