Social Media Alert: International Pizza Expo is THIS WEEK!!!

A quick word of warning to anyone following me on social media. I’m attending the International PIzza Expo in Las Vegas this week, so things are going to be pretty nutty. This event had been running for over 30 years and I’ve attended since 2007. There are over 73,000 pizzerias grossing some $40 billion in the US alone so plenty of gadgets, gizmos and ingredients to buy. There are also tons of seminars, courses, and pizza parties, not to mention the ridiculous pizza competitions for chefs and dough acrobats. You get the point, it’s insane. 

That being said, I’d like to give you a preview of what I’ll be posting across different platforms in hopes of making all the media easier to digest.

TUMBLR: I’ll be posting daily photo recaps so you can get an idea of what the event looks like and how magical it is. 

INSTAGRAM: I’m judging a bunch of culinary competitions, so I’ll post photos of some of the more interesting (READ AS: delicious/insane) pizzas I come across. Whenever possible, I’ll include toppings in the description section. Also look out for general Pizza Expo shots here. I’ll be most active on Instagram.

TWITTER: This is where I’ll post general announcements about where I am, mainly for the purposes of connecting with other Expo attendees. We’ll be hitting some Las Vegas pizzerias beyond our Expo slice consumption!

That about does it. Please get in touch if you’re in Las Vegas between March 24-26 and we’ll get a slice!


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