So this was a little weird. I got an email from someone asking about interviewing me for an article about pizza and he mentioned how awesome his homemade pizza is and dropped me a link to his Instagram. I checked it out and it was AWESOME! I told him that instead of a phone interview, he should just come out to Brooklyn and make pizza with me. I’ve been trying to get more practice lately and this was definitely a welcome opportunity. 

We were all set to have a little pizza-making session when I received another email, this time from someone who has been on a few pizza tours. Talia was asking me for recommendations for a pizza making class she could take her boyfriend to as a birthday surprise but only had availability in the coming days. I recommended Pizza A Casa Pizza School, but they were probably pretty jammed that late in the game. So I mentioned that I was making pizza that very night and she and the boyf, Dan, were welcome to join. 

Talia and Dan ran to the nearest car rental spot, hopped in whatever they could get, and hauled from Boston to Brooklyn just in time for the first pie to go into the oven. They hadn’t even booked their hotel yet. It was awesome. 

So we made a bunch of pizza and had a blast! (Not pictured above is Steve, the guy who emailed me and started the pizza party in the first place. Sorry Steve!)


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