Slice of Hope – Help the Pizza Industry Fight Breast Cancer

Happy National Pizza Month!

That’s right, October is National Pizza Month. Why? How? Well, it all started in 1987 when Pizza Today Magazine began publication. They decided that October was as good a month as any to carry such a high honor. Every month has about a dozen different designations at this point and the lovely folks who assigned pizza to October have decided to buddy up with one of the non-pizza causes in the name of all that is good in the world. They started the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation in hopes of uniting the entire pizza industry against a disease that has affected so many pizza-loving people.

On October 7, pizzerias across the country will be donation a portion of their profits to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation as part of a campaign called Slice of Hope. Make sure your local pizzeria if they are participating. If they aren’t, print out the form below and ask them to sign up. If even a small portion of this country’s 70,000 pizzerias pledges 10% of their proceeds on October 7, we’ll raise a huge chunk of dough for breast cancer research.

Scott’s Pizza Tours will be donating $1 to Slice of Hope for every person who takes a public pizza tour in October. Celebrate National Pizza Month as you help fight breast cancer – everybody wins!


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