The Most Interesting Podcast: KNOW TIME

I’ve been on a bunch of podcasts but none were quite like the Know Time podcast. Shilaj Lawania, the show’s creator and host, records both video and audio from his tiny apartment. This isn’t a typical shoebox, it’s a shoebox with a magical view you’ll think is a green screen image. His questions are deep and interesting. Clearly he’s done his homework; the research alone must have taken him weeks! He even has Lego blocks on the table so the guest can fiddle around while speaking. It’s some kind of mental trick to help the guest avoid giving cold answers because their brain is multitasking. Whatever it is Shalaj has done, it works.

The conversation on the Know Time podcast isn’t the typical interview fodder. Shalaj has his guests play games and asks questions that aren’t confined to the guest’s field of expertise. I really enjoyed those elements because they made for an interesting conversation rather than a predictable question and answer session. This was a really fun podcast to record and I hope you’ll find it as interesting to listen to.

Check out Shalaj’s KNOW TIME podcast here. For pizza focused podcasts, check out this post from a few months back.


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