Remembering Bartolomeo Giove

Brother’s Pizza on Port Richmond Ave on Staten Island was founded by brother Filippo, Bart, and Pietro Giove in 1975 just a few doors away from its current location. It’s the quintessential slice shop and home to one of the best Sicilian pizzas I’ve ever had. We lost co-founder Bartolomeo “Bart” Giove in October 2019 at just 65 years of age. We remember him today.

The Giove brothers were born in Gravina di Puglia, a small town near Mola di Bari, and emigrated to Brooklyn in the early 1970s. Before opening the Staten Island pizzeria, the brothers operated Gino’s on 13th Avenue and 40th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn. They worked hard and created a great business that’s still run by the family today. Below you’ll see George Giove and his father Bart posting inside Brother’s Pizzeria.


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