Port Chester Pizza Crawl on RESTAURANT HUNTER!

I had the absolute privilege of joining Rob Petrone on his show Restaurant Hunter for a crawl through Port Chester, NY. I hadn’t ever eaten pizza in this town in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley but I was really blown away by what he showed me. We hit three pizzerias, each serving a completely different style of pizza.  

Coal’s used to be in the Bronx and I went there YEARS ago for their charcoal-grilled pizza. I remember it being super thin and really delicate on the tongue. SO so so so delicious. Well now Coals has relocated to Port Chester and Rob and I took down an entire pizza with the greatest of ease. Check out the video here!

Michael’s was totally new to me. I’d never even heard of it. They don’t have a website and they barely have a Facebook page. This is one of those places that was first just a bar but added pizza after WWII. Classic story, classic pan-baked pizza. We ate the Sweet Woody but I have to go back for the original Spicy Woody. Who’s WOODY??? That’s the guy who used to sell them the sausage and this is the pizza he ate multiple times per week. Watch our assessment here

I’ve probably been to the original Colony Grill in Stamford, CT a couple dozen times. I stop there any time I’m driving along I-95. I’d heard that they recently expanded, thanks to the partnership of a bunch of guys who grew up eating there and wanted to spread the love of Colony’s unique bar style pizza. Colony opened in 1935 as an Irish pub but as the familiar story goes, they added pizza after WWII. And it’s awesome. Check out our take on the Port Chester outpost here


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