FREE Tour with Creator of 30-Day Pizza Diet

Pizza often gets pegged as a fattening fast food but one pizzeria owner from Florida is turning that assumption on its head. Matt McClellan, owner of Tour de Pizza in St Petersburg, FL, created a diet that pairs pizza with a brief daily workout and the results have been staggering. Over the course of 30 days, Matt lost 24 pounds and shaved 86 points off his cholesterol.

Matt’s currently biking up the East Coast, stopping at pizzerias along the way to share his story. The journey ends in New York City on July 4, where he’ll be capping off his tour with a Scott’s Pizza Tour! Here are the details:

Matt and Scott’s HEALTHY Pizza Tour
Monday, July 5

3:30 – 5 PM
Meet us at the corner of Bleecker and 7th Ave South. We’ll hit a couple pizzerias along Bleecker Street and talk about Matt’s diet.

*Follow Matt on Twitter @tourdepizza


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