Pizza Nerd Field Trip

On October 17, 2009 a whole bunch of pizza nerds got together at Nomad Pizza in Hopewell, NJ. We all knew (of) each other from the now-defunct pizza site Slice (RIP) so we figured it would be fun to meet in person to check out what was then a new spot. Seven years later, a bunch of us got together for somewhat of a reunion. It only made sense that the location we chose was Nomad’s newest location in Princeton, NY. [NOTE: My only regret of this reunion was the absence of Slice founder Adam Kuban, whose hands are full with other awesome projects.]

The event was initiated by Paul Giannone (above), who had only recently opened his pizzeria, Paulie Gee’s, when we first converged in Hopewell. Paulie sent out a link to this video and suggested we do it again. The video is from Sean Taylor’s awesome National Pizza Month blog series, in which he eats at a different pizzeria every day of October. 

Nomad does Neapolitan pizza and we probably tried every pie on the menu. So much good stuff on there, including the excellent Caesar salad, complete with lovely anchovy fillets!

Nomad even dabbles in thin crust Roman pizza, which they make with the exact same ingredients as the Neapolitan, only they stretch the dough with a rolling pin. We ended the meal with a couple thin Roman pizza marinara. It was a highlight!

Getting together with pizza nerds is awesome. All we do is talk about pizza and nobody tries to change the subject. Here’s Nick Sherman of and Jason Feirman of I Dream Of Pizza and the NYC Pizza Run getting amped up for fresh pies. Nick looks like he’s frozen in the same position from the first photo in this post. WEIRD!


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