Pizza Making Session with TEAM SPT

Every year I sit down with each member of the superhero squad that is TEAM SPT and talk about common questions that come up on our tours. I was delighted to hear that people are constantly asking about pizza dough! I dig this because it means people are moving beyond the construct that a pizza’s value is worth only the sum of its toppings. This is a vile thought, as it negates the delicate dance of yeast, flour, salt, and water that forms the foundation of our illustrious pie. So I invited the crew over to SPT-HQ for a dough session. We practiced our stretching technique and dismount from the peel onto a hot stone – the very processes that irk so many of our pizza tour buddies. 

I made a couple batches of the standard dough recipe we give out on the tour. Here it is:

455g water (room temp is fine)
700g flour (all purpose is fine, bread flour is even better)
3-3.5g yeast (active dry yeast)
14g salt (Kosher or sea salt)

Mix those up, let it rest 30 minutes. Knewd until springy, then split into 290g pieces (or as close as you can get) and store in lightly oiled containers overnight in the fridge. DONE!

We also experimented with some store-bought  doughs since our tour buddies often use those. We figured out some cool tricks to get the best out of those products, which I’ll post about later this month. 

Joe even brought his 5 month old son Michael to the festa! Miriam and I taught him how much fun it is to stare into the oven watching the pizza bake. Way better than TV. 


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