Pizza in Washington DC

Is there great pizza in WASHINGTON DC? Last month I had the pleasure of teaching a 3-day intensive pizza course with Peter Reinhart at Pizza University, located just outside Washington, DC. After three solid days of non-stop pizza I somehow managed to summon the energy to hit some pizzerias on my way to the airport. Here’s a rundown of where I went.

Pupatella @ 1801 18th ST NW

Now they have nearly a dozen locations in the DC area but back in 2007 they were the lonely AVPN-certified Neapolitan pizzeria in the area. I was really impressed by the pizza, which is right down the center wood-fired Neapolitan. They have an incredible happy hour menu featuring the most popular pies for just $13 each. I opted for the Margherita with mozzarella di bufala. It had an excellent bake and a perfect marriage of tomato and mozzarella that revived my memories of Southern Italy. 

Pizza in Washington DC

Boogy & Peel @ 1 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 115B

I heard about this place just a couple days before I left for DC and I’m really glad I took the advice because it just may be my current favorite DC pizzeria. Boogy & Peel is wild. A quick glance at their menu make it clear that this isn’t a typical pizzeria. I’m sure the cheese pizza is good, but it’s not what makes this place special. I ordered a Bird Reynolds (buffalo chicken, ranch, 50/50 cheese, fontinella, iceberg, onion, pickles, dill), a Harambe Loved Big Macs (Special sauce” beef, american cheese, iceberg, onions, pickles), and the house special Macha ‘Roni (red sauce, 50/50 cheese, pepperoni, Saul’s salsa macha, basil, honey). Those topping combinations are wacky, but the crust was actually my favorite part. 

Pizzeria Paradiso @ 2003 P STREET NW

This place is an essential DC pizzeria. They brought wood-fired pizza to DC all the way back in 1991, before the Neapolitan craze made us think wood-fired meant the pizza had to be soft and soggy. This pizza loves a beer, which is perfect because Paradiso has a huge list of craft brews. The crust is chewy yet sturdy, topped with sliced fresh mozzarella and bright tomatoes. They even offer a birerria tomato sauce, which is rich and delicious. This is a great place for a group hang.

Slice & Pie / Lucy @ 2221 14th St. NW

This is the only place I hit that’s not in Dupot Circle AND the only one I’ve been to multiple times before. It’s run by my friend Giulio Adriani and it’s a gem just like him. Slice & Pie is a walk-up slice counter and Lucy is a chic bar with excellent food. Giulio serves New York style slices, Neo-Neapolitan pies, and Detroit style. All area great, but my favorite is the Neo-Neapolitan. I had an Aglio e Olio pizza that blew my freekin mind. Great peppery zip! 

I’ll be back in Washington DC later this month to teach a Start Smart class at Pizza University so I’m sure I’ll be checking out more pizzerias. Stay tuned!


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