Pizza Box Scene IRL

My friends Carol and Randy found this pizza box at a pizzeria in Sienna, Italy. They emailed me a photo and were given the OK to smuggle it back into the US upon my confirmation that it is not yet archived in my insane pizza box collection. Months later, I finally showed up to grab the piece. Apparently a few minutes before I showed up, they took another look at the image and realized it looked familiar. It reminded them of a view of the Amalfi coast they saw on their trip. They flipped through their vacations photos and couldn’t believe what they saw…

Carol and Randy have stood in the exact same spot as the perspective of the image on the box. The photo above was taken at Villa Rufolo in Ravello, Italy. Let me be absolutely clear about this: the image on the box is exactly the same view as the photo Carol and Randy took months ago. Look at the tree. It’s exactly the same. Looks like it hasn’t even grown. Now look at the jagged contours of the mountains and the shape of the shoreline. They’re exactly the same.

Has your head exploded yet? Go clean it up. Thank you Carol and Randy!


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