Pizza Box Art Gallery in Manchester, UK


I know it just came down last week, but here are some photos of the pizza box show Steph Mantis and I created for a pizzeria in Manchester, UK called PLY. It’s an awesome space with a Stefano Ferrara Neapolitan wood-burning oven that was lovely enough to invite us out for a week to set up a display for their winter season. 


The box display was accompanied by several competitions and events that focused on the idea of pizza boxes as real art that should be appreciated. The boxes fit the space so well, PLY ended up keeping the show for an extra month. 


The boxes were displayed along three walls and several interior rails, separated by theme. The ingenious cases were designed by Steph and assembled with the help of the PLY team. 

We’re not sure where the collection will go next, but please contact me if you’re interested in sponsoring a pizza box display and we’ll do our best to make it work!



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