Patsy’s Offers 60 cent Pie!!!

I was trolling around Craig’s List this morning when I stumbled upon a true gem. To celebrate its 75th Anniversary, Patsy’s is “Rolling Back To The 1930s” with 60 pies and 10 cent sodas. I can hardly believe my eyes. Patsy’s boasts an old coal oven that has been in service since they day they opened their doors in 1933. Often lumped in with the six other Patsy’s locations around New York, the original spot stands high above the rest. It’s located in East Harlem, which was once a thriving Little Italy, inhabited by Northern Italian immigrants (mostly wealthy professionals) and Southern Italians (Patsy Lancieri hailed from Naples). Today, the area is undergoing massive changes with the redevelopment of Harlem, but Patsy’s remains relatively unchanged, producing one of New York’s quintessential slices.

Patsy’s 75th Anniversary
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Starting at 8 AM
2287 First Avenue, New York (117 – 118 St. and First Avenue)

The days menu includes but not limited to:
Patsy’s Original Coal Oven Pizza: 60 cents
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Soda: 10 cents
Tiramisu: 35 cents
Caesar Salad: 35 cents
Ravioli al Forno: 65 cents

See the Craigslist post:


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