NYC Pizza Map


Our pals at New York Pizza Project teamed up with All You Can Eat Press to create a rad map of NYC’s most classic slice shops. Forget all the newfangled Neapolitan pizzerias and artisan flatbread bakeries, this map is all about the old school spots that made New York pizza famous. 


First of all, it’s an actual map. I’d absolutely love it if I saw a family on a street corner trying to make sense of this thing the way so many tourists try to decipher a subway map. They have some real great spots on here and the whole thing is framed with pictures of the pizzerias they’re telling you to visit. 


You also get some cool tips, tricks, and insights to help you navigate the city’s pizza scene. It’s very cool to look at and super fun to read. I love that in this day of apps and websites, there’s a product like this that’s actually tangible. I still have roadmaps in the trunk of my car even though I know I’ll never ever use them again. I’ll probably use this slice map wayyyyy more. 

Get the New York By-The-Slice Pizza Map HERE!


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