If you love pizza, you’ll want to check out the Kickstarter video for Scott’s Pizza Tours, an exciting new documentary that takes you deep into the world of everyone’s most beloved food through the eyes of the man who loves it more than anyone.  You’ll meet Scott Wiener, who not only runs a hugely successful pizzeria tour business in NYC, but is also a legend in the pizza industry.  He eats 15 slices per week,  writes a monthly column in Pizza Today magazine, judges pizza competitions, and–oh, yeah–he’s the Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of pizza boxes, now numbering nearly 1,000 different boxes from 55 countries.

Contribute to the movie’s Kickstarter to receive rewards, and be a part of the most exciting thing to happen to pizza since Lorraine McFly popped that Pizza Hut pie in the re-hydrator!

WHOA! Now I understand why these guys have been following me with cameras for the past six months. The most I’ve seen is this teaser video for their Kickstarter campaign and a still of them interviewing my parents’ dog Lucy. Looks like it’s going to be a fun flick! Check out the video and support them on Kickstarter!


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