NJ Pizza Patrol Names State’s Best Pizza

I’m not big on reviewing pizzerias for anyone other than myself, but I was presented with an opportunity at the beginning of the summer and I just couldn’t say no. I’d get free pizza, we’d visit over 100 pizzerias in my home state, and someone else would do all of the driving! I know, it’s the perfect crime. On July 7, we embarked upon a mission that would end up taking us to 333 pizzerias to taste 1,000 different slices of pizza. After hundreds of hours, thousands of miles, about a quarter of a million calories – we finally met our goal! The mission, which was commissioned by the Star Ledger (NJ’s biggest paper), has been published both in print and online. Our voyage is unprecedented, as we visited more pizzerias in a shorter span of time in a restricted location than anyone has ever attempted. One word for that: thorough.

I have talked quite a bit about this adventure on pizza tours over the last few months and I’ve gotten even more emails asking about our winners, but I wanted to wait until everything was published to make any announcements. You can read all about our favorite pizza towns, favorite pizzeria hangouts, best by county, pizza blogs, best pizza, worst pizza, pizza making — EVERYTHING — by visiting http://www.nj.com/munchmobile/. There are even some cool videos, including one of us visiting the winning pizzerias.

Now here’s a grainy photo of me eating a giant slice of sausage pizza at Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken, NJ. NOTE: this slice has actually been cut in half so you’re only seeing 50% of a Benny’s slice.

(Coincidentally, our epic journey ended around the same time as another incredible voyage. My buddy Reid Stowe recently completed a ridiculous experiment of spending 1,000 days at sea, out of sight of land. Read about him at www.1000days.net!)


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