My Column in a Pizza Magazine Won an Award!

Lesson #1: There is a magazine devoted to pizza. Actually, there are several. The one I write for is called Pizza Today. There’s another one called PMQ’s Pizza Magazine. There is also a Canadian pizza magazine called, you guessed it, Canadian Pizza Magazine! Italy has five last time I checked and both China and Australia each have their own version of PMQ’s Pizza Magazine. These magazines are all for the food industry more than they are for people who are just really into pizza, although I’ve been reading them and learning a TON even before I started running pizza tours and judging pizza competitions.

Lesson #2: I write a column for Pizza Today called “Man on the Street.” It has been about 2 years since I started sharing my view as a professional pizza consumer with the magazine’s readership, which consists of some 40,000 pizzerias across the country. My columns let pizza operators know what’s going on inside the minds of their customers. Read it here!

Lesson #3: My monthly column won a prestigious award! The kind folks at Pizza Today entered “Man on the Street” into a competition run by the Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI). I took home a bronze medal in the Best Regular Column category at the 2013 TABBIE awards. A magazine called Elevator World took home the gold for what I’m sure is a thrilling column. My warning to Elevator World: next year YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!!


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